Luka Fisher Sleep Gallery EP Cover Final.jpg

Sleep Gallery

Upon the recommendation of Azalia Snail, Silber Records commissioned me to create a five minute EP for their "five in five" series titled Sleep Gallery. 

For this project I decided to create an ambient noise album that explored the last five years of my life as I experienced a series of shifts in my sexual and emotional landscapes.

To create this album I produced and arranged in in collaboration with a verity of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and college drinking buddies.  

Contributors included: Christopher Zeischegg, Colin Peterson, Rev. Lee Busch,  Madison Renee Knapp, Anna Geissliner, Vanessa Cancino, Francisco Hernandez, Neil Malick, Leila Jarman and myself. 

The record was mastered by Alex Arias (Cher, Matchbox 20). 

The album received favorable write-ups from slug magazine, razor cake, emerging indie bands, and a feature profile on my practice from Amadeus Magazine. 

I am currently recording my next album Mind Drone Business which will drop in late November.